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    Mobile HD Visuals

    Now take your visualizations with you. Graphs jump to life on mobile high resolution displays and clients can view their data anywhere in real time. Access to your metrics has never been easier with swipes and pinch-to-zoom capabilities.

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  • Predict the Unpredictable

    By understanding your network trends and which applications are using bandwidth, you’ll be able to predict business needs and avoid slowdowns and capacity problems most businesses would call “unpredictable.” Welcome to a whole new world of measurement.

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    Measure Twice

    Businesses are consistently making bad decisions about bandwidth costs and network restructuring to meet the demands of their users. Doesn’t your team deserve the best information possible to make those decisions? A consistent measurement program with application-level knowledge of your environment is just what you need to stay informed.

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  • Your Metrics Your Way

    We know how to measure, but you know your network better than anyone. Once data starts flowing in, you decide how you want it presented. Do you prefer splines or lines? Lines or stacks? Light backgrounds or dark? Have it your way.

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Prices starting at $900/mo (a lot less than the cost of a 30-minute network disruption)

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    Virtual Machines

    Made to Measure

    We’ll work with you to create a custom measurement VM for your business.
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    Graph Knowledge

    You’ll decide how charts should be presented to showcase the metrics most important to you.
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    Measure Forward


    Once measurement collection has started, sit back and let the knowledge stream in.

Network Intelligence on the Go

Apps by Measurement Systems allow you to access your business measurements securely no matter where you are.

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    Our mobile apps let you view metrics in high resolution clarity anywhere you are. Your network never looked so good.

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    Taking advantage of the large mobile display makes charts pop and gives you room to customize displays for presentations.

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    Covering most of the connected population
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    Automated analysis of network traffic
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    Operations in more than 100 diverse locations
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    More than twenty billion measurements per day

Jonathan F. VP Operations- A global financial services company

Before Measurement Systems, we used to pay people to help measure our web performance or our WAN optimization. Now we have a partner that helps us understand our business. The data is the same, the way they collect it, process it and help us make decisions is what’s different.


Measurement Systems' infrastructure consists of hundreds of devices co-located at actual office buildings in cities world-wide. At each building, we have one or more contracted, paid representatives on-hand to make physical changes.


At each facility, we provision a local Internet connection using whatever broadband technology is available to leaf-nodes/subscribers in that locale (Cable modem, xDSL, 802.11, 802.16e (WiMAX), Ethernet, fiber-to-the-home, et al) and that broadband connection is provisioned and paid-for locally. This gives us the ability to have local Internet connections (as subscriber/leaf-nodes) connected to our own dedicated hardware platform. Within each facility, the network configuration couldn’t be simpler or more attractive. Since our focus is leaf-node VPS, that’s exactly how the topology is laid out.

There is direct Ethernet wiring from the communication provider demarcation point directly into our virtualization device. If the communications provider requires an Ethernet switch, one is added in a way that does not impact the topology. Our hardware platform manages the security, remote monitoring, management and IP allocation, and exposes the agreed infrastructure to our clients. Subsequently our clients may provision and maintain their VPS environment using a variety of technologies dependent upon our client contract.