About Us


Cloud computing is now at the forefront of enterprise administrators’ attention. The cloud computing revolution began with specific applications offered “in the cloud.” More and more “hosted” applications were migrated to cloud-based solutions (everything from accounting services to voicemail transcription services) over the next several years until one day, hosting companies began offering fully-virtualized environments to their customers, ushering-in the new era of virtual private servers (VPS). Instead of offering a specific hosted application such as web-based e-mail, a VPS solution offers you the flexibility of running your own operating environment and custom software applications “in the cloud,” usually inside a hosting provider’s data center facility.

Until recently, the only VPS solutions available were highly-aggregated solutions offered by data center hosting companies. This makes sense because through aggregation, hosting companies can make more efficient use of their highest-cost infrastructure spends, such as electricity and real estate. Thus, these highly-aggregated environments became the mainstay of companies such as Amazon (through Amazon Web Services) and thousands of VPS hosting providers the same.

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Measurement Systems' distributed VPS-based solution

Measurement Systems saw an opportunity to provide cloud-based VPS hosting services with a unique twist. Instead of hosting VPS solutions in highly-aggregated data centers, we anticipated the need for clients to host their VPS capabilities at the edges and leaf nodes of networks (closer-to or taking the place of the actual subscriber).

We foresaw such needs as:

  • Monitoring end-to-end cloud application performance from locations world-wide
  • Performing automatic distributed network fault isolation
  • Providing secure VPN "cloud fabric" solutions
  • Enabling unique, dispersed file storage solutions

Why choose us?

Measurement Systems has negotiated unprecedented property and network access in more than five hundred cities, inside nearly one hundred countries throughout the world, and has access to more than one thousand physical locations within those cities. Competitive edge monitoring services operate on shared infrastructure inside people’s homes today, and in comparison our infrastructure and system is far more reliable. Clients may also minimize risk by doubling-up on VPS systems in cities where we support multiple diverse buildings of infrastructure footprint.

We understand it’s not just about increasing locations and connectivity. Major advances in virtualization technology and customer requirements demand new hardware and the same time-tested hardware and software reliability remains a requirement. To this end, we are one of the first adopters of Intel’s newest virtualization technology platform. Full support of Intel’s VT-x Virtualization Technology extensions, Intel QuickAssist and AES-NI hardware crypto-acceleration makes Measurement Systems’ hardware the ideal infrastructure for our clients to make use of the full range of efficient, feature-rich technologies within their operating platforms and custom applications.

We’ve wrapped this system in our fully-embedded hardware design with some new innovations and tried and true features our customers have come to expect, such as screw-down DC power connectors to minimize the likelihood of accidental power loss. We also make it easy to deploy, maintain and monitor your images in the field with our graphical user interface. Measurement Systems’ customers have the ability to drag-drop-and-deploy their platform image to hundreds of devices in the field simultaneously and watch as they come on-line in one fell swoop.

Easy to deploy

Our graphical user interface makes provisioning and deploying VMs easy, regardless of the location or number of VMs.

Fast, modern hardware

The latest advances in virtualization technology, hardware crypto acceleration and high speed memory contribute to making our platform ideal for time-sensitive applications.

Location location location

Numbers of copies don’t matter if they’re not distributed in the right locations that matter to your business. We’ve deployed the most location-diverse infrastructure in the world.